Applications for Spherik Accelerator

Deadline of applications: 15th of October

The Spherik Accelerator Program is created based on continual iteration and improvements. Our first core program launched in November 2014. Since then we have worked with more than 20 teams, including in our core program, a student program, and various ad-hoc services.

Our new accelerator program is has shifted to be more product focused, in line with what is the most outstanding need of early-stage start-ups in Romania.

What does it mean to be product-focused? In short, it means that we are going to help you build something that people want and that solves a problem or need before anything else. With this goal in mind, we begin the program with Product BootCamp.

Product Bootcamp isn’t about lectures or meetups. It is about working with great teams to help them very clearly define what problem their product solves (or wants to solve), how to do it better, making an MVP (minimum viable product) plan, and then making a prototype. And you’ll learn how to go through this process for any problem you want to solve. Through daily group and 1-1 sessions, working with your team, other teams, your mentors, and our staff, you will come out of Product BootCamp with a prototype and plan for moving forward. We will also work with you to create your first 1-pager and product pitch deck. The end of Product BootCamp includes a hackathon and a pitchathon in the mountains. Just because it’s hard work doesn’t mean it’s not fun! You will be exhausted. You will be challenged every day. You may not like all the feedback you receive. But you will learn, build, and grow. And if you have the heart of an entrepreneur, this is exactly what you want.


Urmărește startup-urile din România de peste patru ani și așteaptă unicorni locali. Redactor-șef al, Vlad tratează ecosistemul antreprenorial din România cu realism și nu crede că avem încă "Steve Jobs de România".