“I would like to congratulate everyone who has applied to the BeAI 2021 Call for Startups. The overall quality of submissions has been consistent and notably good, setting the bar high. We are excited to announce that we have decided to extend the number of startups to be selected for the program, from ten to fourteen. This is not only a sign that the AI ecosystem is both progressing and expanding, but also that it is our duty to expand our program accordingly in order to help promising startups unlock their full potential in their journey to reach a market and technology readiness level,” says Alexandra Petruș, Bucharest AI Co-Founder.

The mission of the BeAI pre-accelerator is to provide for and help AI Startups grow the right way. The fifteen selected startups for the 2021 edition of BeAi are:

  1. PhaseGrowth, Estonia | Business focus: Smart Mobility & Logistics | AI technologies: Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Computer Vision (CV)
  2. Art-i-Art, Estonia, USA | Business focus: e-Commerce (Marketplace for art) | AI technologies: ML, CV, Image and Video Analysis
  3. Mycaii, Canada | Business focus: Travel, Hospitality | AI technologies: ML, Text Analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG)
  4. WeavAir, Canada, South Korea | Business focus: Energy, Smart Mobility & Logistics | AI technologies: ML, AI-optimized hardware
  5. Foni, Germany | Business focus: eHealth | AI technologies: ML, Text Analysis, NLP, NLG
  6. Nebuly, Italy | Business focus: Cloud (Platform-as-a-service), Smart City | AI technologies: ML, DL, AI-optimized hardware
  7. DataZard, Romania | Business focus: Market research | AI technologies: ML, DL, Text Analysis, NLP
  8. Sofron, Romania | Business focus: eHealth | AI technologies: ML, DL, Text Analysis, NLP
  9. HiringDNA, Romania | Business focus: HR | AI technologies: ML, Image and Video Analysis, NLG
  10. InsuLoc, Romania | Business focus: eHealth | AI technologies: ML, DL, CV
  11. AiSA, Romania | Business focus: Retail, Smart Mobility & Logistics | AI technologies: DL, Image and Video Analysis, Virtual Agents
  12. VatisTech, Romania | Business focus: e-Commerce (Translation, Transcripts) | AI technologies: Text analysis, NLP, Speech Synthesis and Recognition
  13. Deep Questions, Romania | Business focus: Communications | AI technologies: DL, Virtual Agents, NLG
  14. Zippimi, Russia | Business focus: Fashion | AI technologies: ML, DL, CV

“In the coming two months, the 14 startups will participate in mentoring sessions to be facilitated by top global professionals with expertise in ten AI components, including AI strategy, development, investment know-how, legal and marketing. The program will unfold entirely online. Access will be granted only to startups in the program, but we will share key takeaways from sessions with our global audience through our Facebook and LinkedIn channels. We wish to democratize AI knowledge; therefore, we invite everyone to follow us,” says Ioana Irimia, Bucharest AI Co-Founder.

Top-line AI Mentors with on-the-ground experience include Google Developer Experts for ML, AI Professors on different AI technologies, Validated AI Startup Founders, Research Scientists, Design Thinking Experts, Tax Technology Advisors and Lawyers, as well as Innovation Managers from Research Institutes, Sales Leaders for AI-fueled products, MarCom Experts for AI packing, and AI Funds Consultants.

The highlight of the 2021 BeAI edition will consist of a Demo & Pitch Day to be livestreamed via Crowdcast on December 8, from 7pm - 8:30 pm EET. Selected finalist startups will deliver a two-minute demo and pitch of their products, technology and progress before a highly selective and experienced jury.