We've started thinking about doing a podcast with the relevant actors in entrepreneurship, venture capital and green startup world for a couple of months now, gathered some interesting interviews and here we are, ready to release the first episode of our Work in Progress series.

We've centered the Work in Progress podcast around two major themes, and were going to split the episodes into the Blue podcast – for start-up.ro – where we'll discuss with venture capital managers, angel investors, startup founders from Romania, Europe and around the world about their role in the ecosystem, business, trends, and the Green podcast – for Green Start-Up – where we will put a sustainability layer on our discussions and we'll approach topics relevant for impact founders as well as impact investors.

I’m really excited to announce that we'll be releasing this podcast once a month.

For the blue series I’ll be talking with people who will be sharing their business experiences.

The green podcast will also be available once a month and our guests will be sharing their experience of having a positive impact in their businesses, communities and other aspects of their life.

I hope you will find our discussions interesting, and if you have specific topics or people in mind, please drop me a line at oana@start-up.ro. Subscribe to the podcast on every streaming platform you use and do not forget to leave us a 5 star review and a comment.