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Roaring Tigers of Europe

Available online on January 9th 2024

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Discover the trailblazers

This is not a story about a dream. This is a story about hard work and overcoming what others say it’s impossible. This is the story of the Romanian Startups.

At the beginning of the ‘90s Romania was a country finding its path in the world after the fall of communism. Little did we know about the people who used their engineering background to offer IT services and products.

Years have gone by and we started to see the birth of an ecosystem. We want to tell the story of how the Romanian startups came to create an actual ecosystem, the road they took, the hardships, the access to funding, the accelerators and the programs that were

created and that are helping them, the story of the first Romanian unicorn and the companies that are known all over Europe. And to imagine the future, what lies ahead for the Romanian founders.

Romania may not be a regional leader yet, but has been named the “tiger of CEE” and the growth is accelerating. Innovation is born in the minds of young trailblazers and then implemented and funded. will bring you this year the first documentary about the Romanian Startups, a story of continuous building and work above dreams. A showcasing of talent and fight. Coming December 2023.

Show your support

Produced by and Videocorp, both part of the InternetCorp portofolio, the documentary will bring together the key people that built the ecosystem and that are pushing it forward.

If you want to support us, just drop us a line and tell us how you can help. You can be one of our partners, the other dreamers and doers that shape the Romanian business scene. You can also help us just by spreading the word about our project.

Our documentary will be a showcasing of the Romanian startup ecosystem for the entire world to see and you can be a part of it.

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