Undelucram.ro is the largest online community that provides reviews about employers, salary information or the work environment for the companies in Romania. The platform launched in 2011 by Costin Tudor (39 years old) has expanded since 2019 in Greece, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and the Republic of Moldova. Recently Undelucram.ro began its operations in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Poland.

The most important information point about the labor market in the region

"So far we have focused on the technical development of the platform, on providing information for candidates and employees and also on creating promotion solutions for employers. Starting 2021, we want to grow a lot, both in Romania and at a regional level, where we have already successfully tested the markets in Greece and Hungary. We will also focus our efforts on operations in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Poland, where we have identified significant potential. This strategy will help us achieve our goal of becoming the most important information point about the labor market in Romania and the region", says Costin Tudor, CEO and founder of Undelucram.ro.

The company will need a new round of financing to expand in the region - the amount of money is estimated at 0.75-1 million euros. Last year, GapMinder VC and Oana Ciornei, managing partner of the executive search company Amrop, invested 300,000 euros in Undelucram.ro. The investment was used for the expansion of the platform in the region.

Regional development: many users and low competition

The company's management considers that there is an excellent potential for growth in the region due to a large number of employees/possible employees, but also because Undelucram.ro services would be new on these markets.

"International development is an essential step for us both because of the large number of users we can attract, but also because in some countries our services are new, they have no competition. Also, in areas closer to Western Europe, more precisely in countries such as the Czech Republic and Poland, employees are much more willing to write reviews than users in Eastern Europe. Thus, the investments we make to attract clients in these countries are lower than the money we invested in Romania or Moldova. At the same time, in Greece and Hungary, we had a great openness to our solutions for employers", added Costin Tudor.

The main objectives for 2021: One million users and double the number of customers

Undelucram.ro has over 650,000 users (employees and possibly employees) and for next year the management targets one million users. Regarding the corporate segment, Undelucram.ro wants to double the number of clients at the end of 2021, thus reaching over 300 active companies.

The advance on both segments (companies / HR specialists and individual users) will be determined by entering new recruitment segments (both in white collars and blue collars) and new geographical areas. The company will also invest in recruitment services involving machine learning and marketing initiatives.

A machine learning service and a discount club

"In 2021 we want to consolidate our brand as the strongest employer branding platform. We will focus on community growth and launch more services dedicated to HR specialists and candidates. One of the objectives is to develop the recruitment service by improving the machine learning solution we have to offer HR specialists a rigorous and efficient selection. This algorithm is designed to create a consistent match between the employee's profile and the candidates. Another step to achieve our strategy was the launch of Undelucram Club, an extension through which we want to reward users who write reviews on the site", says Raluca Hagiu, product manager Undelucram.ro.

Undelucram Club is a section that hosts discounts and offers various products or services of Undelucram.ro partners. Through this extension, the over 650,000 users who write reviews on the platform are rewarded with access to discounts in categories such as medical services, financial, education, restaurant, sports, tourism, insurance. Deals and offers are organized in 12 categories: Where We Learn, Where We Buy, Where We Eat, Where We Travel, Where We Walk, etc.

Other marketing initiatives planned for 2021 will include professional counseling programs for students, support for existing professional retraining programs on the market, or non-formal education for HR specialists (online and offline events and the first collaborative learning community).