The six tech startups will present their ideas at the DemoDay Alpha, organised at the end of the first validation phase of the Startup Reaktor incubator, which takes place on Thursday and Friday, 22-23 June, online, from 16:00.

The second edition of the Venture Program in Romania and Bulgaria is supported by the Startup Reaktor incubation platform, in partnership with the Romanian Tech Startups Association (ROTSA) and Techcelerator.

The finalist teams benefited from an intensive seven-week programme, from the 10th of May to the 22nd of June, designed to help them build their MVP, along with financial support through grants of €5,000.

The topics of the mentoring sessions were varied and multidisciplinary, necessary for the development and growth of a technology startup. These included problem testing and validation, customer development, goal setting, market research, competitor analysis, product development, lead generation, digital sales and marketing, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and impact in innovation, growing and attacking an international market, pitching and more.

The next phase of internationalisation, called Beta Launchpad, will take place in the coming period, where teams will receive support with launching and growing internationally. In the next selection phase, companies can benefit from two more rounds of funding of €10,000, in equity rounds.

Teams remain under the mentorship of EIT Digital, as well as local partners ROTSA and Techcelerator to grow their proposed products, alongside successful companies and the alumni community.

The EIT Digital Venture Program was launched in 2018 to support early-stage entrepreneurs in the Baltic States and South Eastern Europe. As of this edition, the programme is running in 22 European countries. During the first five editions, EIT Digital has supported more than 200 entrepreneurs and launched 124 startups, some of which quickly raised investment and signed contracts with customers.

The 6 finalist teams are:


Al.bility helps professional tennis players and coaches analyze and improve their performance. The product uses an IMU sensor attached to the racquet, an on-court video camera, and machine learning algorithms to analyze data and provide players and coaches with relevant information about on-court performance.


ChaosShift is a cloud management platform that supports digitization within design and construction companies. The product enables efficient internal and external communication, history tracking, adding comments, archiving, scheduling, budget planning, cost estimating, task and team management, and general and program management.

Life 4.0

Life 4.0 is a healthy lifestyle platform that supports personal and corporate wellness. The app includes activities in 4 focus areas (Sport, Nutrition, Mental-Emotional Health and Financial Health) and collects relevant data. The platform includes, in a fully digitised way, personal wellbeing and employee engagement programmes.


Notora is a collaborative platform dedicated to marketing teams and creators. It is the only automated platform in Romania where brands can collaborate with creators to get photo and video content for marketing campaigns.

Parent's Advisor

Parent's Advisor is an AI assistant for parents who want to raise talented and happy children. Within the app, parents can take a free vocational guidance test for their children and will receive personalized recommendations on the type of extracurricular activities suitable for their children.

Whiz Commerce Cloud

Whiz Commerce Cloud is an advanced SaaS platform dedicated to e-commerce businesses that want to create no-code mobile apps. The platform provides a fast, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes to develop mobile commerce apps tailored to their needs.