The two organizations will collaborate in the implementation of conversational RPAs across a variety of industries. This announcement formalizes a relationship to expand the offering of conversational RPA services and solutions to Ashling clients across North America.

DRUID AI-driven chatbots allow enterprises to offer a more intuitive, natural way to interact with their customers and employees through external and internal self-service applications, while saving time and money through automation and boosting user experience.

With the award-winning native UiPath connector, DRUID brings unique conversational capabilities to RPA attended and unattended bots, adds enhanced cognitive services and simplifies the completion of automated tasks in a natural, human-like manner.

Committed to its mission to offer the highest productivity solutions and services in the automation first era, Ashling Partners will combine conversational AI with RPA to help customers truly achieve end-to-end hyper-automation benefits. Ashling enters an elite network of delivery business partners, being the first and only company that holds DRUID GOLD Partner status in North America. The Gold Partner status recognizes the highest competency level, service excellence, best implementation expertise and continuous investment in rigorous training and certifications.

“We believe this partnership will further align us on up-level implementation capabilities, to help our clients to realise the gains of the most comprehensive Conversational AI platform on the market today. By adding Ashling’s automation expertise to DRUID's conversational technology, we can better support clients’ business efficiency transformations and bring new value to the market” said Marshall Sied, Founder, Ashling Partners.

With the help of DRUID, Ashling Partners will provide companies support in designing and implementing conversational automation projects through AI power chatbots and RPA technology, easily deployable on multiple communication channels in various deployment scenarios.

DRUID is a global leader in Conversational AI Automation. Druid’s no code platform enables enterprises to automate customer and employee communications using AI-driven chatbots. 600 predefined conversational templates and award-winning native connector with UiPath bots offer 3x-5x faster deployments than any competitor. DRUID is available in any deployment scenario and supports conversations in any language and on any digital channel. DRUID client portfolio includes Orange, Telekom, Carrefour, Servier, EY, KPMG, PWC, UiPath, eON and many more.