This is the first DRUID Partnership in the South African market. This new partnership enables Tangent Solutions to provide optimized services in the automation space, by building and deploying multichannel AI-powered chatbots in a matter of days, and connecting them to any business system via APIs, ODBC, or RPA, enabling end-to-end automation in the process.

To ensure optimal implementation and support, the partnership also includes additional certification of Tangent’s highly skilled and certified RPA developers. Ultimately, this new initiative enables Tangent Solutions, already a UiPath Gold and USN partner, to enhance their ability to deliver hyperautomation to enterprise customers, transforming business processes, optimizing customer interactions, reducing costs, and enabling consistency throughout organizations.

“We look forward to our partnership with Tangent Solutions to advance our mission and accelerate our long-term growth strategy. DRUID and Tangent Solutions share a culture centered around innovation, people, communities, and the customers we serve. The synergies between our companies are proximate and compelling. We are uniquely positioned to make conversational AI known all over the world while delivering significant value for our shareholders”, says Simona Hurjui, Alliances and Channels Partner Enablement Lead, DRUID.

“DRUID, coupled with our Robotics offering, brings a new paradigm of customer experience and service through omnichannel text and voice interactions,” says Glen Ansell, Intelligent Automation Practice Lead at Tangent Solutions. “Historically built in a linear non-dynamic way, this integrated communication platform is well-positioned to enhance user experience, improve quality and boost engagement for our customers.”

Tangent Solutions (, a Division of Jurumani Solutions (Pty) Ltd, is a young and energetic company taking an innovative and disruptive approach on digital transformation, from software design to intelligent automation and Cloud.

The company implements technology, processes, and methodologies that make it easy to produce high-quality products. As a UiPath Gold Partner and leading RPA partner on the continent, Tangent Solutions leverages the power of Intelligent Automation to provide services that support clients strategically and operationally as they confront the largest challenges presented by industry in rapid evolution.