We have looked at how founders need to prepare for raising a seed investment, how they close the round, and how they approach subsequent communication with investors in previous stories.

This time, we will discuss the elements that can help you access additional investment and why online investment platforms can be a useful resource and should be considered as a funding option.

SeedBlink is a European co-investment platform founded in Romania and now has 3 branches in Europe: Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

SeedBlink is a platform focused exclusively on European technology startups from pre-seed to Series B stage. To date, it has attracted 11,000 investors from 60 countries.

Launched in early 2020 as an equity crowdfunding solution, the platform currently brings together private investment and capital raising through the use of technology, expertise and building strong communities.

Always look for a co-investor

"SeedBlink acts as a co-investor for your funding rounds. This means that you will need a lead VC or business angel in addition to SeedBlink. However, SeedBlink can help you find this VC lead. We work with more than 100 renowned investment funds in Central and Eastern Europe and can help you find a lead VC for your round," SeedBlink representatives said.

Once you have decided to launch an investment round on SeedBlink and the team finds your startup suitable, SeedBlink will support you in growing your business through a community of experts, a network of specialized investors and an experienced team in scaling internationally.

"The big difference is that you do not just get money, you get a community of experts who know what they are talking about and can help you grow your business," SeedBlink officials add.

How to get investment and marketing at the same time

A public funding round on SeedBlink brings other benefits besides finding investors or attracting interest from investment funds. "It also brings marketing, press coverage and "buzz." This is very valuable for your company, especially if you plan to expand in Central and Eastern Europe, and you need brand awareness in Romania, but also outside of it," the team of the co-investment platform also mentions.

So, how does launching a round on SeedBlink help you develop your startup and your business?

The most obvious answer is that you receive a vote of confidence and capital from a large community that becomes an ambassador and supporter of your company, with the success of the startup being closely linked to the success of the investment.

"You don't get into debt and you get much more motivated to achieve all the goals proposed in the business plan. SeedBlink sets the framework for both the investment process and the actions you need to take after the investment. This way you can focus on growing your business," say the platform's representatives.

Regarding the benefits of using investment platforms alongside other private or institutional investors in reducing the risk associated with investing in startups, the SeedBlink team mentions the help a founder receives in terms of contractual issues when listing and closing the investment round.

It is important not to be alone as a founder

Launching a round on a co-investment platform essentially ensures that you, as a founder, are not alone in front of investors, but have a team of specialists by your side to help you navigate the legal landscape and benefit from favorable terms for your startup.

"A professional team will legally and financially review the documents submitted by the startup and will detect discrepancies much faster. This aspect requires time and expertise, which is difficult to verify on your own.

Moreover, according to SeedBlink representatives, syndication of several people who want to invest in a startup helps lower the minimum ticket, which otherwise would be exclusive and accessible only to a category of investors who have access to very large financial resources.

"And the power of professionals working together to support a startup is also very valuable," SeedBlink executives conclude.

Since the launch of SeedBlink, more than 2,000 startups have been evaluated, and more than 60 of them from 10 countries have closed funding rounds through the platform.

The largest financings include FlowX with €1.6 million from a recent round of €7.3 million, Dronamics with €950,000 from a €3 million round, and SeedBlink - which self-listed - with €1.1 million from a €3 million round.