Hyperhuman’s mission is to make the world's health & fitness video content universally accessible and reusable. The proprietary AI technology helps the industry to create hyper-personalized fitness content way faster and easier than ever before.

"We believe that AI has the power to revolutionize the way video content is created and delivered in the health and fitness industry. That's why we've built an AI-powered video creation and delivery platform that empowers this industry to create high-quality videos quickly, efficiently and at the fraction of the current costs." said Hyperhuman’s CEO, Bogdan Predusca.

Hyperhuman currently works with over 160 organizations and over 5,000 fitness content creators on the platform, mostly from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

The company recently announced a series of strategic partnerships and powerful integrations with leading video production studios, computer vision pioneers, wearable aggregators and digital transformation agencies like 1FitLife, LeisureLabs, Wix, Rook, Asensei and others.

"This technology grant will enable us to innovate faster and empower our clients to create more personalized fitness content that boosts retention and drives positive health outcomes for their audience. With the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Business Programme Romania, we are poised to become the go-to content platform for the health & fitness industry." added Bogdan Predusca.

Hyperhuman is the AI-powered video content creation and delivery platform made for the health & fitness industry. The venture capital-backed start-up is founded by an ex-Fitbit product leader and is a Google for Startups 2021 graduate.

Hyperhuman enables hundreds of companies and thousands of fitness creators all over the world to produce and offer smart on-demand content that boosts customer retention and drives positive health outcomes.