INKI’s business model is designed to address the challenges of device ownership. In-house device management is onerous and inefficient. Many companies do not insure or secure their devices, leading to risks of data loss and repair & replacement costs. INKI uses state-of-the-art Mobile Device Management and comprehensive insurance offering companies peace of mind in knowing that their devices and data are safe.

Companies in the EU spend yearly around 35 billion Euro on mobile devices, while 77% of the phones, tablets and laptops they purchase end up rendered obsolete without being recycled or refurbished. This is incredibly wasteful compared to INKI’s Device-as-a-Service model which ensures that all returned devices get to be refurbished, redeployed, and ultimately recycled. This means businesses can effortlessly upgrade their devices to the latest models with the comfort of knowing that they are operating as part of a circular economy.

INKI has four founding members: Liviu Huluță, Cristian Darie, Károly Kiss and Andrew Shailer-Smith, with a cumulative experience of over 40 years in the mobile distribution and insurance market. The idea came from the observation that device ownership does not fit the needs of modern businesses. Businesses require strong data management, swift device replacement, and immediate access to upgrades while being mindful of their environmental impact.

"Businesses are increasingly looking to outsource non-core activities so they can focus their time, effort and resources on growing their business. Our rapid growth since our foundation in 2020 is a resounding confirmation from our clients that device ownership is no longer a good fit for modern, fast-moving companies. We are proud to support our clients by providing a premium service that gives them more time, better devices and increased agility." stated Liviu Huluță, CEO.

Currently INKI serves companies in several countries with many of them operating remotely. They represent various verticals, from real estate to IT, and are bound by their dynamic and accelerated growth. As for device preferences, they are frequently interested in the new Apple devices, especially those powered by the new line of chipsets, as well as the newer 5G mobile phones.

INKI is a pioneer of the circular economy in Central & Eastern Europe, with a strategic objective of zero e-waste production. Phones, laptops and tablets rented through INKI are returned to the company, then passing through an ample refurbishment process.