Green Start-Up is a bilingual project that offers essential information regarding sustainable business practices to both Romanian and English speaking audiences, addresses issues such as ESG, mobility, energy and the environment from an entrepreneurial perspective.

During its first year of existence, Green Start-Up positioned itself as a manifesto of support for green and responsible businesses in Romania and worldwide. The website is meant as a part of a new ecosystem, dedicated to developing sustainable projects based on the latest technological innovations and management processes.

In 2023, for the second year of the publication, Raiffeisen Bank joins Green Start-Up as its main partner and also as a partner for all the entrepreneurs that are building a better future for us all.

”Our partnership with Green Start-Up confirms our determination to be, on one side, a supporter for sustainable businesses in Romania, for green startups and to offer green financing options for the acquisition of homes, and on the other side, to help publications that write about these efforts on a daily basis. We've taken the role of leader in offering a vast array of sustainable financing and we will continue on this path. The bank wishes to be part of a durable ecosystem, with strong partners, because only together can we build a healthy and clean environment", says Laura Mihăilă, Marketing, Communication & User Experience Manager for Raiffeisen Bank.

Green Start-Up brings under the same roof all the sustainability initiatives of companies, startups and organizations all over the world, as well as the innovations that have the ability to transform the planet into a better place for all of us and for future generations.

During its first year, the Green Start-Up team published over 50 exclusive longform articles that focus on green businesses from Romania, as well as Europe, US and even Australia, alongside hundreds of pieces of news about sustainability projects launched on an European and global level by organizations and companies, as well as the European Commission.

In 2023, the Green Start-Up team will continue to write about sustainability from an entrepreneurial perspective, following, at the same time, the latest worldwide trends.

At the same time, the publication will organize in 2023 the first edition of the Green Start-Up Forum & Sustainability Awards.

The Green Start-Up Sustainability Forum & Awards 2023 is a one day conference and award ceremony.

The forum will gather the relevant actors in both the public domain and the private sector, authorities that have the power to bring the changes needed for Romania to become greener and a country.

The forum is a place where we want to share knowledge and good practices, to seek inspiration, a place where we can find out how we can accelerate the progress to make our country more sustainable and, in the meantime, to repair our planet piece by piece by the end of this decade, a place of collaboration, commitment and engagement that drive our ambitious goal: to accelerate and scale groundbreaking solutions to address Romania’s environmental challenges.

At the same time, the awards ceremony will celebrate the changemakers, the innovators in sustainability, the organizations that inspire us with their achievements.

Green Start-Up is developed by, the go-to media website for news and stories about the Romanian entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem. Green Start-Up can be accessed by English speaking audiences at, and the Romanian version is available at The project is an integral part of the general sustainability support initiatives of the pan-European group Primavera Digital Group, the sole shareholder of InternetCorp.