SeedBlink announced a collaboration with TDCX, an award-winning digital customer experience (CX) solutions provider for technology and blue-chip companies, with the aim of helping its portfolio companies accelerate their sales journey and deliver higher customer satisfaction.

Supporting startups in the post-investment phase

The collaboration with TDCX deepens the support that SeedBlink provides its portfolio companies in the post-investment phase. By tapping TDCX’s CX expertise, startups can hope to scale their CX teams more quickly and achieve better performance. This in turn enables the startups to use the capital raised through SeedBlink more effectively.

When our startups succeed, SeedBlink succeeds. Our goal is for startups to come to SeedBlink and discover real support for scaling and new opportunities beyond capital - with an array of partners who understand their needs and their stage of growth. Partnering with TDCX, a global CX provider, takes us one step further on our journey beyond crowd investing in tech startups, says Andrei Dudoiu, Managing Partner at SeedBlink.

1 in 3 customers renounce a brand after a bad experience

Providing positive customer experiences is crucial for all companies, particularly startups that want to solidify their relationship with their customers. Research has shown that one in three consumers (33 per cent) will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.

SeedBlink’s portfolio of startups will be able to tap TDCX’s customer experience solutions that span sales and digital marketing, omnichannel customer experience and content moderation. TDCX is a partner to many of the world’s leading and disruptive brands in sectors such as e-commerce, fintech and technology, providing outsourced solutions in areas including customer service, technical support and inside sales.

Crikle, a London-based company developing a simple and remote sales solution for global sales reps, has been using TDCX since late 2021 after raising a seed round of €575,000 through SeedBlink.

Diwaker Singh, CEO at Crikle: “It is a pleasure to work with the team at SeedBlink and respond quickly to our business needs. They have brought us together with TDCX to unlock business growth, expand our team and increase our skill sets. Working with an experienced outsourced partner results in greater efficiency, lower operating costs, more flexibility, and faster time to market.”

We have been helping companies to scale faster and to perform better by delivering exceptional customer experiences. We understand the challenges that startups face and are glad to have been able to support these promising enterprises. We are ready to help other startups build and strengthen their CX capabilities and our collaboration with SeedBlink will enable us to reach more companies and help them in transforming their CX, said Daniel Mereuta, Country Director at TDCX Romania.

Through this collaboration, SeedBlink is poised to play a greater role in the development of the European technology ecosystem. The leading co-investing platform in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) elevates technology startups by helping them to scale through access to capital, market expertise and a network of trusted ecosystem partners.