SeedBlink Club members can diversify their portfolio with venture capital-led opportunities starting at 1,000 euros, compared to 2,500 euros for the current value of the minimum ticket. In addition, the subscription includes benefits related to access to industry experts, exclusive private events, and the ability to pre-evaluate proposed startups and invest in private rounds through syndication.

"We have investors with large portfolios to whom we offer additional support services, networking, and priority access. The club is a natural extension, in which we want to bring the same benefits to those who are just starting in building and diversifying their portfolio and learning from experienced investors”, says Adriana Iordan, Chief Product, and Marketing at SeedBlink.

SeedBlink is also preparing to launch a secondary market in the second half of the year, where investors can trade their assets, thus increasing the liquidity of their portfolio investments. The new secondary market product will be launched this semester. Several iterations have already been tested and used by investors in companies with new rounds of investment.

"The partial exit at KFactory went as I expected. The company had a new round of financing at a new price. Some of the initial investors wanted to continue investing in the new valuation, and another part, including me, wanted to sell. SeedBlink shared the intents of the demand with the offer: helping us to fairly determine the number of shares that each seller could sell considering the offer, prepared the documents for signing, and communicated with all parties involved until the actual completion of the transaction. Finally, after a year and a half, I recovered the investment in exchange for about a third of the shares. I still own two-thirds of the shares originally purchased", said Daniel Cîrstoaia, investor on the SeedBlink platform.

This secondary market will contain the tools and infrastructure that will allow investors to safely change their assets.

Last but not least, SeedBlink has launched several improvements to its investment platform and website, the most important being in the "My Portfolio" section. Thus, this section will include follow-on information for investments, but also external information through which investors will be able to see important details for their assets.