Equidam is a company from Symbid’s portfolio, one of the world’s first crowdfunding platforms hailing from the Netherlands, which SeedBlink acquired in 2022. Equidam offers a data-driven approach to valuation and over 140,000 companies have already utilized the platform to successfully raise their Seed to Series A rounds.

By leveraging the five leading valuation methods and reliable industry-specific data tailored to 90 countries and 136 industries, Equidam facilitates transparent discussions about valuation and enables entrepreneurs & investors to make confident equity decisions.

The partnership between SeedBlink and Equidam represents a pivotal advancement towards stronger long-term outcomes for ecosystems, by empowering entrepreneurs with valuable insights, tools, and resources for startup valuation. By uniting the strengths of both platforms, this collaboration seeks to drive the success and growth of startups in Europe looking for a healthy long-term investment strategy, bridging financing, equity management and fair valuations.

"We are excited to join forces with Equidam. Investors and founders are fundamentally on the same side: both want to build great companies and create value. Valuation is one of the few areas where the two sides diverge, with competing incentives for ownership. Building the relationship on open standards, particularly when addressing points of friction, is sure to make the whole engagement more positive and enable healthier, more collaborative ecosystems. I think this partnership bring great value to the startups looking for funding, in both VC-backed deals and investors syndicates”, said Andrei Dudoiu, co-founder of SeedBlink.

"Valuation is a crucial aspect of any startup's journey, and it shouldn't be the deal breaker. Our collaboration with SeedBlink for its equity management solution Nimity will help entrepreneurs understand the value of their companies and engage in productive discussions about price. We are dedicated to equipping entrepreneurs and investors with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of startup valuation successfully”, stated Daniel Faloppa, the founder of Equidam.

Harnessing its expertise in financial services and technology, SeedBlink recently introduced Nimity, an all-encompassing platform designed for equity management of startup and scaleups and their stakeholders. Nimity streamlines key aspects of startup management such as ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans), cap table tracking and automation, and fundraising options and admin to bundle smaller investors in a single vehicle.