UPDATE may 27th:

SeedBlink completed in a record time the largest financing carried out through this platform. The amount financed by crowd investing reached €1.1M, double the initial target

SeedBlink ended the series A financing round worth € 3,000,000, of which € 1,100,000 through crowd investing, double the initial target. Its own investment campaign is the largest financing carried out through this platform and the first Series A funding on SeedBlink.

Thus, 47 Elite and Classic members invested 550,000 euros between May 24-26, and today 80 people invested 550,000 euros in 20 minutes.

The round was led by one of the largest investment funds in the region.

"With this funding, SeedBlink will have the resources to fuel its ambition of becoming the European investment platform that will shape the future of the technology startup ecosystem. Moreover, it will support the European market compete with the great tech, the USA and Asia. We thank all the investors for their support so far. We are all pioneers of a new world", says Andrei Dudoiu, co-founder and CEO of SeedBlink.

The funding will allow SeedBlink to evolve from an investment tool for those who want to support the ecosystem of relatively small amounts of technology startups in Europe's fastest-growing platform.

"Our goal is to consecrate the investment platform as a fusion of three main characteristics of the market: the «crowd» audience, the flexibility of the business angels and the structure of the VCs. The team expects even more rapid development next year due to the new European Crowdfunding Service Providers Regulation, expected in Q4 2021. There is a real need both for investors who want to diversify their portfolios and startups that need to attract funding and supporters from the region. Also, the communities served by startups have something to gain”, adds Andrei Dudoiu.

The main investor is a major VC in the region, who will be joined by other institutional investors, as well as by the SeedBlink community. The name of the lead funder will be announced after the due diligence process is completed.

The pre-money valuation of SeedBlink is 12 million euros.

SeedBlink is a platform that democratizes access to early-stage investments for investors who do not have large amounts of money, nor the time needed to join exclusive clubs.

15 million euros obtained through SeedBlink since the platform was first established

The platform was launched in December 2019 by former bankers Andrei Dudoiu and Ionuț Pătrăhău. At the beginning of last year, Radu Georgescu and Carmen Sebe, two of the most famous technology specialists in Romania, joined as partners. The team participated in 45% of the financing rounds (Pre-Seed and Seed) of Romanian startups in 2020.

SeedBlink has launched 42 funding campaigns in the 18 months since its inception, thus helping startups raise a total of € 15 million from individual investors and VC funds (55% of the amount through equity crowdfunding). The success rate of the campaigns was 95%. The startups on the platform have attracted over 5,000 investors from 15 countries.

“By the end of next year, we want to list at least 150 technology startups and have 30,000 individual investors on the platform. Moreover, we aim for revenues exceeding three million euro in 2022”, states Andrei Dudoiu, co-founder and CEO of SeedBlink.

For 2021, SeedBlink management is targeting revenues of over one million euros.

Expansion into the EU starting in Q4 2021

SeedBlink management plans to develop the platform internationally starting in the last quarter of this year by establishing partnerships with the main technology hubs in Europe.

SeedBlink's intention is to shape Europe’s technological future by creating a platform that combines the visibility generated by crowdfunding, the flexibility of angel investors and the structuring provided by VCs. Furthermore, the management intends to set up an Advisory Board of senior specialists in the region within the next three months.

"Until recently, we had positioned ourselves as an equity crowdfunding platform for technology startups, but we have identified several other opportunities. We want individual investors in Europe to benefit from the possibility to fund technological startups together with business angel professionals and venture capital partners. And we want the founders to find resources and mentors in one place. We want to create an innovative investment platform for Europe", says Andrei Dudoiu.

SeedBlink management also aims to provide products and services to a wider audience, by creating a secondary market, developing a network of experts, expanding the methods of interaction between the actors involved through technology, to name but a few.