Startup Elites

Hotel Carmen
6 - 9 october 2022

Startup Elites is free, but only the best will get a ticket.

Startup Elites is an entrepreneurship bootcamp with a festival vibe. The 4 day event will provide great learning and networking opportunities, but it will also be a great chance for fun, relaxation and entertainment for the participants. Startup Elites will also be a spectacular team-building event for Romania’s future “one percenters”, the young people who have the ability to shape tomorrow’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What will you learn exactly? Branding, Lean Startup Techniques, Growth Hacking, Design Thinking, How to Fund Your Startup, Legal Aspects, Mindfulness, Leadership.

The bootcamp will only be available free of charge for the best 30 students in the country each year - we will hand pick applicants based on their merits, activity, business ideas and determination and we will reward them with a ticket to the greatest ever non-conventional summer school.

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What will you learn from Startup Elites?

Startup Elites, formerly known as Startup Your Life, is the place to develop your idea, to meet new people that can help you change the world and a business bootcamp for the best. You will be engaged in workshops, networking, open air events during 4 days where you will meet entrepreneurs, experts and forward thinkers.

Some things you will learn:

  • How to start your business and find your product market fit
  • How to understand the growth
  • Resilience
  • Building the best business model and understanding the market
  • Critical thinking
  • Design thinking
  • Team work and management
  • Research your idea and business
  • Lean startup and other strategies
  • Leadership


We have 4 days of entrepreneurship workshops, fun and games. At the end of the camp you will go through a pitch session.
The schedule will be constantly updated.


Our speakers are amongst the best entrepreneurs and experts in Romania. We want them to be your guide at Startup Elites, but also to challenge to think different. The list of speakers will be updated constantly

Alexandru Ion

SEE Head of Brand Marketing Services @ Glovo

Alex is a self-driven marketing and business professional capable of...

Ciprian Borodescu

Head @ Algolia (AI R&D) Romania

Ciprian is the Head of Algolia (AI R&D) Romania - the search and...

Cornel Morcov

Chief Commercial Officer FAN Courier

Cornel Morcov is the Chief Commercial Officer of FAN Courier, the leader in...

Dan Mocanu

Founder @ Blue Zygote™ Inception Lab

Dan Mocanu is a catalyst for accelerated growth in business through...

Dragoș Gavrilescu

Cofounder @ Design Thinking Society

Dragos Gavrilescu is the initiator of the first Design Thinking community in...

Dragoș Nicolaescu

Angel investor +70 Startups

I use my +25 years of management, business and investment roles to provide...

Ilinca Paun

Founder @ Bravva Angels

Ilinca has a BA in Architecture University studies in Spain and the UK. Has...

Ioan Iacob

CEO & co-founder @ FLOWX.AI

Ioan Iacob is the CEO and co-founder of FLOWX.AI, the AI-driven low-code /...

Irina Scarlat

Chief Growth Officer @ Bitpanda

Entrepreneur at heart, product-marketer & team builder, Irina Scarlat has...

Matei Psatta

Cofounder&CMO @ Blindspot

Experienced marketer with a strong international advertising (Leo Burnett,...

Radu Atanasiu

Associate Dean @ Bucharest International School of Management (BiSM)

Radu Atanasiu is Associate Dean at Bucharest International School of...

Radu Predescu

Director Executiv Autonom Lease

Radu has 15 years of experience in the Romanian Army, was a NATO instructor...

Tudor Stanciu

Cofounder @ Ventures’n’Law

Tudor is the cofounder of Ventures’n’Law, an organisation...