Cele trei intrări ale României în concurs sunt HartaPescar, Planable și TypingDNA. Din partea vecinilor vor fi prezenți cei de la Fitsko.

Prezentare startup-uri românești:

HartaPescar, București: HartaPescar este o platformă pentru comunitatea pescarilor din România.

Planable, Cluj: Planable este o unealtă de colaborare între manageri de social media și clienții lor.

TypingDNA, Oradea: TypingDNA oferă soluții biometrice de securitate, bazate pe scris.

Republica Moldova:

Fitsko, Chișinău: Fitsko e un startup dedicat luptei împotriva obezității infantile.

Lista completă a concurenților participanți la Pirate Summit 2016:

2nate, Tehran: Donation platform where everybody can easily create a campaign and start raising funds for its cause

Auto Genie, Lahore: Uber for Mechanics. The Genie that appears in the middle of nowhere to help fix your broken car!

BeeRides, Budapest: BeeRides offers free airport parking and making money by renting out your car fully insured.

bidi, Skopje: bidi is an eCommerce platform, where you can buy any product and service for 1$, as well as selling any product or service at the full value they are worth.

Boltt Sports Technologies, New Delhi: Boltt is engineering unique sensor forms, that will take personal technology to a new level.

CargoSteps, Frankfurt am Main: Track shipments in real-time. Worldwide.

CleverLions, Utrecht: Give your stories big data impact, the easy way.

CloudEO, Munich: Simplify your Geo-Business.

corpus.e, Stuttgart: Forget your shoe size. We scan your feet and care about the right models and sizes. Frustration free Shopping with no returns.

CrossEngage, Berlin: Open marketing platform for agile, cross-channel marketing.

DataOS, Munich: Device-independent, secure and safe configuration management for all devices within IoT.

Dinantia, Barcelona: Dinantia improves communication between the school and families without sharing any mobile phone numbers.

DreamzVR, Warsaw: Dreamz Virtual Reality enables people to be present in distant or non-existing places, by delivering best possible virtual reality experience available for everyone.

DroneGrid, Brussels: DroneGrid is the pioneer developer of a smart cloud based solution for enabling unlimited autonomy, intelligence and range in commercial drones.

eAssistant, Tirana: eAssistant is a keyboard emulator software enabling blind users to type all characters by using only 6 keys coupled with a smart voice reader to make navigation easier.

e-bot7, Amsterdam: Chatbots for your business.

EZsave, Jerusalem: Save people money on their ongoing bills with zero hassle.

Edutise, London: Increasing school budgets and reducing their costs, by connecting them to their local business community.

ePickbets, Barcelona: A gamified Web platform focused on eSports, where it is possible to visualize games. It is the first web making predictions in real time.

Enhancv, Sofia: Enhancv helps you to easily create compelling eye-catching resumes that grab employers’ attention and enhance your chances of getting hired.

ErasmusInn, Istanbul: ErasmusInn is a Marketplace to book offcampus student housing.

FATMAP, Vilnius: FATMAP offers 3D maps for adventures for example skiing routes.

Fitsko, Chisinau: Fitsko fights against Childhood Obesity for a healthy future of children.

Fleye, Liege: Your personal flying robot.

Foodguide, Berlin: Foodguide is a social network for food where users can share and explore new dishes and restaurants around them.

ganttpro, Minsk: Online Gantt chart software for project management.

Ginmon, Frankfurt am Main: Tesla for private investors – Our automated asset management allows you to lean back and relax while still getting from A to B.

GIROPTIC, Lille: World’s first full HD 360° camera for the consumer market.

gridX, Aachen: Connecting batteries (like TESLA PowerWall) to form a decentralized virtual power plant and participate on the energy stock exchange.

HartaPescar, Bucharest: HartaPescar is a fishing community platform from Romania.

iControl, Stockholm: iControl is a cloud-based app for construction management and collaboration, that iControl allows construction professionals to keep everyone on the same page.

Ingenious, Istanbul: Ingenious is a plug-and-play connected home product designed to control household appliances and monitor their energy consumption.

Insanyah, Cairo: Social media platform connecting you to any of your charity interests and friends who want to get involved.

Intouch.com, Dublin: User-centric contact management platform that allows businesses to easily receive up-to-date contact info while keeping their users in control

iWABOO, Mountain View: Online marketplace & B2B distribution platform for successful Kickstarter indie tech vendors & emerging HW startups.

JustPrice.pk, Islamabad: Pakistan’s first shopping search engine.

Kewazo, Garching: Kewazo develops high-tech robotics and automation systems for construction. We make scaffolding assembly simple, fast and safe by automating the process.

kuku.io, Minsk: KUKU.io is the world’s most user-friendly social media management tool that allows scheduling and publishing posts as well as analyzing activities on social media.

Lab4motion, Poznan: Google Analytics for the offline world.

LeanIX, Bonn: SaaS-platform to analyze & plan the IT architecture of enterprises to help them build better products and succeed in digital transformation.

Le Cicogne, Rome: Le Cicogne helps you finding your babysitter easily and offers cashless payments and insurance system for parents and babysitter.

Livemon, Brest: Monitor your servers and applications infrastructure, its Cognitive Artificial intelligence detects potential issues before they occur.

Mellon, Zagreb: Mellon is an online gaming academy.

MiK, Stockholm: MiK is an open marketplace for sharing and discovering homemade meals that offers unique access to an incomparable selection of better food.

mobileJob, Berlin: Mobile Recruiting Application, providing employers in the blue-collar segment access to suited applicants fast and easily

Multisense, Amsterdam: Securely authenticate users via a mobile phone using state-of-the-art biometric technologies.

MysteryVibe, London: MysteryVibe wants to bring more fun into people’s bedroom through a content delivery platform.

OpenBack, Dublin: OpenBack is a Mobile Application Retention which reinvents how Mobile Applications send notifications to the user, by doing it all locally and directly on the device.

OrgaMime, Luxembourg: OrgaMime is emulating the human gastrointestinal tract on a chip and offers the microGUT platform to elucidate the fundamental mechanisms underlying the gut microbiota.

Otly, Amsterdam: Otly is a virtual bank for kids run by their parents. Using the Otly digital pocket money platform, parents can educate their kids to be smart with money.

parlamind, Berlin: AI for customer service that helps online retailers respond better to their customers, save cost, scale business.

Planable, Cluj: Planable is a collaboration tool for social media managers and their clients, making it easy to plan, visualise, discuss and approve social media posts.

Playbrush, Vienna: Playbrush makes brushing teeth finally fun! A smart add-on transforms toothbrushes into a gaming controller. While brushing kids play fun mobile games.

Promo Republic, Helsinki: PromoRepublic turns marketing freelancers to content creation geniuses on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks.

Reparando, Stuttgart: Nationwide on-site smartphone repair service for a maximum customer happiness at an affordable price.

Replex, Duisburg: Infrastructure infromation repository. All your assets in a completely passive & vendor-agnostic application at your fingertips.

ReSnap, Nijmegen: Creating photo books has never been as easy. With our deep learning image selection technology you never have to spend days creating a photo book.

ScreenSHU, Warsaw: SHU is the fastest way to capture and share your gameplay at any time in any game.

SentiSquare, Pilsen: Powerful insights into customer discussions in any language. Customer opinion isn’t black and white. See it in color with SentiSquare.

Skyrec, Taiwan: Skyrec gives you analytical insights to improve your business.

Smartvel, Madrid: Content solutions for tourism, maps, connected cars based on a Big Data solution that automatically generates lives agendas of what is happening everywhere

SpiceVR, Hamburg: SpiceVR presents Spherie – a 360°VR Film Drone.

SprayPrinter, Tallin: World’s first wireless hand printer.

Squirro, Zurich: Relationships, Opportunities, Risk – Squirro provides data-driven AI insights enabling companies to turn meaningless data into value.

Stowbot, London: Warehousing as a service.

TailoredMotor, Winterthur: Customized electric motors exactly fitting the needs of engineers made within 24h for a reasonable price.

ThingieQuery, Ljubljana: ThingieQuery is an Excel plugin that makes using SQL in Excel easy, effective and fun.

Tool.Domains, Sofia: Tool.Domains offers data about 625 million domain names.

TOPDOX, Porto: TOPDOX helps to get things done easily on mobile phones and helps to access, read, edit, share anything, anywhere.

Travel Homie, Cologne: The first travel agent via Messenger. Powered by real humans, supported by big data and a clever engine.

TypingDNA, Oradea: TypingDNA offers security solutions based on typing biometrics.

Uepaa, Zurich: The p2p proximity platform for IOS, Android & Mac.

UES Industries, Zurich: UES Industries develops a network of unmanned vehicles to create an integrated solution for ultra-fast medical emergency response.

Vectr, Taiwan: Vectr is a free graphics editor used to create vector graphics easily and intuitively.

Vita.io, Rotterdam: Vita.io helps you measure, understand and strengthen happiness at work.

WeFarm, London: WeFarm is sharing vital information that can improve lives around the world, even without access to internet.

Wotch, Cologne: The Wotch smartStrap combines the notifications of a smartwatch and the functions of a fitness tracker, without having to give up on your watch passion.

wydr, Zurich: Tinder for art.

Zenjob, Berlin: Gives businesses fast and easy access to high quality labour and is the fair and cool way to find nearby, spontaneous work.