Artificial intelligence is changing the world as we speak. But human intelligence is here to stay. Along with innovative thinking, industry insight and collaboration are the ingredients of success in business. No matter how digital we get, these things are best done live, face to face. Because people need to know and trust each other when they talk about money.

And talk about money we shall. In all forms, shapes and colours. This year is special. The tectonic plates are shifting and if you work in finance you know it. 2023 is a year of reckoning. We all need to be involved.

Central bankers, commercial bankers, fintech innovators, technology companies, investors and ecosystem players have a place to meet at Unchain Fintech Festival, in Oradea, the heart of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), between the 29th and 30th of June 2023.

This is the only event that commits to gathering the region together. Last year there were over 30 countries represented at the festival. This year, the organisers have a plane charter just for you, just for this event. You`ll be in great company, with the National Banks of Romania, Hungary and Croatia and chatting with Banca Comerciala Romana, Banca Transilvania, OTP Bank, Visa, Google, Ripple.

The topics discussed will include the digital Euro, the new EU fintech regulations, CBDCs, BNPL, open finance and open banking, DeFi, lending and security, web 3 and blockchain. All within robust panels with real use cases and real business stories with real numbers on 3 different content stages.

Speaking of numbers, in only 2 days you will have the chance to meet 100+ financial entities that have a say in the game.

Tickets for Unchain Fintech Festival are available in a very limited number. Don't miss out and get an early registration on