"Hacking Big Numbers" invites Big Data/AI/Business Data enthusiasts to use the resources made available to the teams by the hackathon partners to build solutions with real-life applicability in various fields.

The resources made available by the partners are structured data on millions of companies, access to ChatGPT APIs, proxies and crawling infrastructure, servers for training machine learning models, etc. Moreover, the event partners will provide the participants with extra bounty challenges that can bring them prizes on the spot.

Teams can come up with their own ideas or accept a bounty for an extra chance to monetize their efforts over the 3 days of competition.

The best project of the competition will receive 5,000 euros, and the bounties will be between 500 and 2,000 euros, given they are solved according to the criteria.

Registration is open here until 07.07.2023: https://veridion.com/hackingbignumbers/, whether you already have a product idea (submit idea) or not (sign up).

During those three days, mentors will provide guidance and support to participants, and interactive workshops will provide opportunities to learn and explore new technologies and available resources.

The mentoring and training experiences will contribute to the development of the participants' skills and knowledge both in the field of artificial intelligence technology, as well as business and digital product creation, thus contributing to the professional and personal journey of the participants.

The hackathon will end with final pitches in front of a jury made up of experts from the Romanian technology industry and representatives of Veridion, which will award 5,000 euros to the best digital solution created during the three days of competition. In addition to recognizing their efforts and achievements, the winning teams will also have the opportunity to explore potential partnerships with Veridion and its partners.

Veridion uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze billions of web pages per week to build and maintain a truly accurate, global-scale database of business data. The databases thus obtained can then be used by companies to find suppliers, automate underwriting processes, risk modeling, market research.

Veridion is a new-age data vendor that specializes in Firmographic Data. They maintain a weekly-updated database of over 80 million Company Profiles. Their data covers every aspect of a business from identification, locations, and classification to product offerings, ESG topics, and more.

Veridion employs advanced scrapers and machine learning to comprehend the ever-expanding business landscape and offer the resulting data through APIs tailored for data science teams to enable making business decisions at scale.

Earlier this year, Veridion secured $6 million in funding from European investment funds, bringing the total amount of funding from venture capital investors to a total of $7.5 million.