Eight of the selected startups are from Romania and the rest are from Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia and Georgia.

The Advancing AI #3 accelerator program will last ten weeks and will end on 31 March 2023. The teams will present their products, progress during the program and growth plan at the bi-annual Investors Day event in May.

Those wishing to pre-register for the next edition of Advancing AI can do so by visiting this link https://www.f6s.com/advancing-ai-4apply/apply. They will have access to consultation and validation meetings from March

"Within Techcelerator, we have initiated since 2020 with Google for Startups and GapMinder VC the Advancing AI program, an accelerator specifically targeting startups with AI/ML solutions in Romania and South East Europe. During these years we have consistently managed to increase the quality of the applications and especially of the rounds raised by alumni companies. We are now announcing the companies selected for the third cohort and we are very confident in this program, in the mentors, advisors and international investors we work with because the founders have consistently proven to us how fast we can evolve and mature this specialization of the tech industry in the region. The rounds of over €20 million in alumni startups on AI/ML have confirmed to us very pragmatically that this is just the beginning" said Cristian Dascălu, co-founder of Techcelerator and GapMinder partner.

Advancing AI #3 targeted startups with an established team of specialists with complementary skills whose product is at MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or IR (Investment Readiness) lever.

To increase the pace of company formation, starting this edition the program includes two

parallel and complementary cohorts (tracks) - one of "MVP Acceleration", dedicated to early-stage companies with a prototype being validated, and one of "Investment Readiness", targeting companies with traction and go-to-market strategy, companies ready to raise pre-seed/seed rounds.

Startups in the MPV track will be able to validate their idea in the market with real customers and increase their traction. Startups in the Investment Readiness track will be better able to implement their go-to-market strategy and attract investment.

The selected startups are:

MVP track

Alter Medico (RO) - develops a marketplace and data management framework for healthcare providers by centralizing applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.

PanSafeKids (RO) - develops an app that helps parents and children detect and prevent cyberbullying and other digital threats.

TaoTechnology - develops an AI-powered firewall, providing real-time data processing and decision-making ability to protect web applications even against cyber attacks.

EDNEOS (RO) - is an educational assistant that increases the performance of learning and memorization

Chargers On Wheels (RO) - A mobile app that governs over existing Electric-Vehicle charging infrastructure, providing better monitoring / maintenance alerts / reservations / habitual optimisations / better user experience.

TeachableHub - is developing a platform that brings Machine Learning (ML) teams together, enabling them to efficiently create and deliver ML-based products without needing MLOps. This solution provides scalability and eliminates the cost of expensive infrastructure.

YellowPad - is developing a real-time object recognition system to help people and streaming platforms moderate their video content to prevent harm, making it easier to monetize video content.

Investment Readiness track

ZayaAI (RO) - develops a platform dedicated to pathologists for remote diagnosis and collaboration (telepathology), decreasing diagnostic time, laboratory costs and human error rates.

Costifier - is a machine learning software for supplier-specific target price prediction and supplier experience assessment for the products to be supplied to help cost-effective and sustainable supplier selection of enterprises.

Agora Robotics (RO) - develops an ecosystem of autonomous mobile robots (hardware and software) that help automate logistics and cleaning processes for companies managing warehouses: retailers, airports, logistics centers.

Eyelet.io (RO) - develops a platform that helps companies improve their customer retention rate by creating guided tours, surveys and in-app ads.

UltronAR - is a platform that helps to intuitively and quickly build AR games without the need for programming skills. Games can be created by educational institutions, companies, institutions, but also by individuals who want to create games out of passion.

BabyFM - is developing an IoT-based wearable system for continuous body temperature monitoring that analyses incoming data and provides recovery predictions (based on treatment data entered by the user) and medication dosing recommendations.

Hound Bytes (RO) - redefines the idea of Security Operations Center as a Service by creating a platform that combines threat intelligence, incident response and security analytics to help companies proactively identify and mitigate security threats.

Revisior - is a Net Promoter Score and customer feedback service that helps brands build a good reputation by improving the service quality. Revisior also helps companies to quickly identify and resolve customer issues by enabling the collection of feedback from various communication channels: QR, Viber, SMS, email, API, and call center.

Selected startups will benefit from a customized business case validation and optimization program where they will collaborate with mentors with business development and technical expertise in artificial intelligence. The Techcelerator team and partners will provide the startups with the necessary support to test and implement use cases to partner with potential customers and validate international development strategies.

The best performing companies in the Advancing AI #3 accelerator program will enter directly into investment round attraction programs developed by Techcelerator together with local and regional investors to rapidly access international markets and develop/expand pilot projects.

Startups will also benefit from access to specialized resources provided by Google.

In addition, each company participating in the Advancing AI program receives more than €200,000 worth of benefits from Techcelerator partners: free Google Cloud access, Stripe credits, HubSpot accounts for startups, FreshWorks & Notion software products and more.