The robot automatically records, transcribes and summarizes calls for participants. It saves your time by highlighting key moments such as action points, concerns, conclusions, and many other insights.

In the last year, the company has invested heavily in product development and customer discovery, working closely with hundreds of organizations using Meetgeek. The platform is available on Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, supports multiple languages (including Romanian), and is already impacting the daily operations of 500+ businesses in the US and EU.

Recording and saving all the important notes automatically gives individuals peace of mind and enables them to focus on having high-quality conversations. Automatically generated summaries sent by email help teams avoid nice-to-have meetings and free up their calendars. Call insights help teams and managers understand their performance in meetings and take actions to improve, using state-of-the-art research tips.

Meetgeek is frequently used by sales teams, recruiters, and consultants but is also very useful for internal meetings or teaching. What they love most about the product is triggering automated workflows that save recordings and highlights into their favorite CRM, ATS, or task management tools.

This round unlocks the company’s ability to rapidly grow its customer base and advance its technology. The company is actively hiring digital marketers, business developers, and software engineers with the mission to redefine the meeting culture of organizations.

”There is an immense opportunity lying ahead of us and now is a great time to join our team. We have gone a long way in building a very competitive product but it’s still early enough to have a significant impact. We’re seeing a very hungry market, ready to be educated and actively looking for solutions to streamline meetings end-to-end. Demand is there and we want to deliver fast. This is what keeps us up at night", says Dan Huru, Co-Founder and CEO of Meetgeek.

Cristian Munteanu, Managing Partner of Early Game emphasizes: "Meetgeek is rapidly adopted by companies looking to capture highlights and insights from calls, improve their sales process, or recruit better talent. We are proud of what the team achieved since our first investment and are confident they can become a key global player in this space. We see this game-changing tech becoming the norm for remote and hybrid work”

EGV announced its first investment of 150.000 EUR in in April 2021.