By focusing on topics such as social entrepreneurship, sustainability, female business leaders, responsible use of the latest technological solutions, and the creative industries, ViennaUP’23 is truly unique. It offers a more diverse programme than any other comparable festival and appeals to diverse target groups including investors, technology experts, founders and established organisations, as well as people who are simply passionate about solutions for climate protection and sustainable growth.

More than 10,000 visitors, most of them from outside Austria, are expected at the 50 ViennaUP’23 events, and many local startups and talents have already signed up.

“In launching ViennaUP, Vienna has created a signature event that has gained international recognition and is now a permanent fixture in Europe’s startup festival calendar,” says Peter Hanke, Vienna’s City Councillor for Economic Affairs. “The broad impact of this event will bring an extra boost to Vienna’s standing as an internationally successful business location!”

Hotspot for international investors

ViennaUP’23 is an opportunity for business angels, private equity investors and venture capitalists to meet up with dedicated startups and founder teams.

“This year, ViennaUP also sends a symbolically important message to the community, which is suffering from a worldwide investment slump. By bringing in 200 investors together, we are sending a positive signal. Vienna is giving startups with good projects and ideas the opportunity to win over investors,” says Gerhard Hirczi, Managing Director of the Vienna Business Agency.

For example, one of the world’s largest startup competitions will be visiting Vienna, where the Austrian finalists will be selected to compete in the USA for an investment of one million US dollars.

Startups will have plenty of opportunities to present their business ideas and tap into new sources of capital at a wide range of other events, from pitch sessions to hackathons and conferences.

A festival of many – and for many

Unlike other, similar festivals, the ViennaUP’23 will bring together the local startup community to present their various event formats under one roof with the support of European programme partners. The result: more than 30 partners are organising around 50 events with a highly diverse programme.

This makes the ViennaUP absolutely unique in Europe, perhaps even the entire world. The combined strength of the local startup community is creating one of the most diversified startup festivals in Europe: a festival of many – for many. The common thread running through the programme items is economic cooperation and collaborative exchange. ViennaUP’23 offers leading voices in impact investing and the startup community a platform where they can network and learn from each other, and where artists and designers can exchange ideas about technologies that are revolutionising the arts and creative industries. Startups and established organisations are working together on solutions to achieve climate goals and keep cities liveable.

The city as both a stage and a party zone

ViennaUP’23 will be held at 27 different locations in 12 districts of Vienna. Venues range from the imperial Hofburg palace to the Spittelau waste incineration plant, from the House of the Sea to historic palaces and traditional coffee houses.

The ViennaUP homebase in the heart of Vienna’s Karlsplatz will serve as a central meeting point and networking station for visitors throughout the festival. This homebase will host live events such as pitches, and the international startup community can recharge their batteries here during the nine days of the festival while enjoying the DJ beats and Viennese delicacies.

City Councillor Peter Hanke is looking forward to welcoming international visitors to ViennaUP’23: “ViennaUP’23 is a winning combination of a unique theme for Vienna as a business location and the city’s famed beauty. I would even venture to say that we offer our visitors a unique experience.”