AgroCity, a Romanian startup and farm management platform, has signed a strategic partnership with Borealis L.A.T, a company that sells and distributes fertilizers and technical nitrogen products, to integrate the module for fertilization planning developed by Borealis L.A.T., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Borealis, one of the largest fertilizer manufacturers in Europe.

AgroCity provides several modules to help farmers better manage their farms and will integrate the NutriGuide application through a module that generates fertilization plans customized for each farm, the goal of this integration being to maximize production.

NutriGuide calculates nutrient requirements based on specific plant consumption, chooses the right product, and provides a list of recommendations so that farmers can order the required fertilizer easily and quickly, while AgroCity integrates this information into the farm processes.

"The main benefit of digitization is to create transparency for farm entries based on its actual needs and to link the results to achievable yields - thus increasing the value for the user. Farmers will benefit greatly from digital developments in agriculture and this collaboration, in particular, will allow them to create crop fertilization plans, simulate comparisons between the planned production and the estimated value of production, as well as get guidance on the period optimal for fertilization and the application rate, to name just a few of the benefits”, says Veronika Ettinger, Head of Marketing at Borealis LAT.

“The main objective is to help the Romanian agricultural sector with its digitization process, which will lead to more efficient agricultural operations and better results for farmers. This innovative partnership brings together the expertise of Borealis LAT, which has one of the richest fertilizer portfolios in Europe, as well as an excellent supply chain set up in Europe, with AgroCity, one of the most advanced farm management platforms from a technical perspective”, says Marius Paşca, CEO of AgroCity.

AgroCity is a farm management platform that integrates modern technologies to help farmers improve their operations. The platform digitizes and brings together in one place all the processes of an agricultural farm (from plots, rental, monitoring, to planning and carrying out production operations). This real-time monitoring contributes to a better understanding of the costs incurred for each crop, thus reducing losses and increasing productivity.

Borealis L.A.T, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Borealis AG, is the distribution component of the Borealis fertilizer business. Every year, the company sells about 4 million tons of nitrogen fertilizers and technical products to farmers, distributors, and industrial customers in Europe and other parts of the world. With production sites in the heart of important agricultural regions in Austria, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, Borealis LAT provides a full range of nitrogen fertilizers, NPK, and specialty compounds, as well as technical nitrogen products for industrial processes and AdBlue, the diesel exhaust fluid used to reduce diesel emissions.