Creating and offering world-class video workouts is time-consuming and extremely expensive when done at scale. In this post-pandemic world, fitness consumers expect top-class content from their fitness providers and are unwilling to settle for anything less. A recent report shows that the digital fitness boom is here to stay, with 80% of gym goers planning to continue using digital workouts in the future.

The industry needs smart solutions and automated processes that reduce the inefficiency, complexity, and associated costs of creating and publishing fitness video content at scale.

Hyperhuman's mission is to make the world's health and fitness video content universally accessible, reusable, and profitable. The AI-powered platform is specially designed for the fitness industry to streamline the costs and effort of creating and delivering consistent quality content at scale.

The new API allows organizations to either publish their own content or access a constant feed of curated content from a global network of fitness creators and instantly deliver it in their own app.

“Our API closes the gap between content creation and delivery. With the Hyperhuman API, organizations can offer interactive on-demand fitness experiences in their own apps or digital products. Our goal is to make this a plug & play process and get you started with only a few lines of code.” said Bogdan Predusca, Hyperhuman CEO & Co-founder.

The company already uses its own API to deliver the content created with Hyperhuman on multiple platforms and in different formats:

  • The free Hyperhuman Club app, where trainees enjoy world-class training content provided by their own trainers
  • The soon-to-be-launched Hyperhuman wearable app, runs on Fitbit smartwatches and lets fitness enthusiasts enjoy a great workout experience on their wrist
  • The Hyperhuman Wix widget, which enables users to instantly publish their video workouts on Wix websites

“Content is king in this industry. We take on-demand fitness to the next level and provide an AI-powered ecosystem that allows creating and delivering smart video content at the highest level of personalization and interactivity. Fitness Video Content 2.0 is made possible with Hyperhuman.'' added Bogdan.

Access to the API is available with a paid subscription plan for Teams. Besides access to the API, the paid plan enables organizations to onboard unlimited team members who can collaborate and create quality content effortlessly.

Hyperhuman expanded and is now trusted by thousands of fitness professionals and hundreds of businesses on 3 continents in less than 10 months since the start-up launched the first version of its platform.