The game is available for free download on Inside the game, fans of the game that want an extra 20 hours of play can pay for a premium package of 24.99 USD.

Quantum Computing is the next industrial revolution - with it, our society will be able to solve hard optimization problems we all care about, like in finance, logistics, protein folding and nitrogen fixation which can feed our population; but even more wild ideas like space travel, quantum AI and extremely accurate simulations of nature.

It is increasingly clear that the world needs a new generation of cross-disciplinary learners that understand quantum computing, so that new applications and algorithms can be discovered and developed by people from all kinds of backgrounds.

‘’If we stick to our old way of teaching, training this new generation of learners in quantum computing is no easy task. Many students will feel lost along the way, the “language” of quantum computing being hard to process in a short amount of time. As tech enthusiasts ourselves, we want to see quantum computing deliver during our lifetimes and we strongly believe we have found how to accelerate the progress. We have discovered and patented a new way to rigorously represent absolutely any form of gate model quantum computation through visual clues. With it, we have carefully crafted a video game that teaches the many aspects and functionalities of quantum computing to people of all ages and backgrounds’’, says Laurentiu C. Nita, Founder and CEO of Quarks Interactive.

With Quantum Odyssey, the idea of applying “quantum reasoning” simply becomes a matter of encoding data under the form of a puzzle and then simply solving it, similar to any other puzzle video game that gamers around the world enjoy while also easily understanding complicated phenomena in our Universe.

Quarks Interactive, is made up of educationalists, quantum physics PhDs and video game developers. Their mission is to make the aspect of learning quantum computing come as easily and naturally as having a good time, and with that, have every single human being know a bit of quantum.