The sum will be used mainly for the company's international expansion, in the restaurant segment in the US and in the office and residential building area in the UK.

The €420,000 round is mainly invested by Liviu Munteanu and Mihai Guran, two of Romania's best-known business angels, plus the technology provider IT Genetics.

Through this software, the employees of the companies that own and use physical assets (such as pieces of equipment, types of machinery, properties) can participate in real-time with the support teams and contractors to solve problems that may occur in certain locations or on different equipments.

This makes the collaboration between customers/employees and the support teams/contractors a direct one.

The platform ensures that everyone involved (customers, employees, support teams) stays con-nected during the problem-resolution process through the automated dispatch rules, smart alerts and escalation protocols.

The solution is available on mobile devices and allows users to signals the issues to the support teams, discuss or exchange photo and videos, as well as attempt to solve issues by themselves.

The software has been designed to be easy to use on all types of mobile device screens.

The solution was launched in January 2020 by Cristian Dragomir (CEO) and Ion Gavrilescu (Managing Director), two specialists with 20 years of experience in the technology.

FieldOS was created following a €500,000 European grant in 2019 and with the support of partners such as Wipro, Ubisoft, Assa Abloy Hospitality, Grand Hotel Bucharest (formerly Intercontinental), Sheraton, ECO-X, Helinick, Trust Center, Hercesa.

The company targets a double turnover this year

Companies using FieldOS include AFI Europe, AFI Malls, Therme Bucuresti, Dussmann, SaladBox, SVN, Exclusive Facility Management Services.

The company had a turnover of 270,000 Euros last year and the management estimates the business wiil be around 600,000 Euros in 2023.

"We created FieldOS to support those who work in the field, whether they are users of the equipment or people responsible for making a certain place functional and productive, whether they are members of support teams or contractors. When the equipment is not working, it is important that people communicate directly and continuously with those who can solve their problems. It is essential that the information to travel the shortest path between these two parties to reduce the time that a piece of equipment is not working, that a place is not productive. What differentiates us from other management and collaboration solutions is that the solution is also designed to be used by non-technical staff on the mobile devices”, said Cristian Dragomir, CEO of FieldOS.

"The technology gap between office-based and field-based employees will close rapidly over the next decade. We believe that the development of dedicated software for the field staff will have the same transformative effect that the SaaS revolution has had on office work, and FieldOs has the qualities needed to be part of this movement, with major customers in its portfolio, ambition and scalable technology”, said Andrei Dudoiu, Founder and Managing Partner of SeedBlink.