Hyperhuman allows trainers to create studio-quality video workouts in minutes by removing the complex process of video production and editing. In this streamlined process, trainers record short videos with the key moves and the AI engine does all the heavy-lifting for them and magically generates the video workouts and social media teasers.

There are a lot of fitness hardware & software products rising in this new “train anytime & anywhere” paradigm and this creates a huge demand for fitness content. But quality content is still difficult and expensive to produce. It impacts most of the fitness products and services as lack of diversity and personalisation ultimately leads to losing customers.

“Dan, David and I experienced these challenges over the years both as fitness enthusiasts and also from our past experiences at Fitbit, Vector Watch and our former fitness start-up getFittter. Our proprietary video AI technology solves this difficult industry problem.” said Bogdan Predusca, CEO & Co-founder of Hyperhuman.

Bogdan Predusca is a former product leader at Fitbit and entrepreneur with 17+ years in tech and is joined by David Teodorescu and Dan Nica in this mission. David is a former design lead at Fitbit while Dan was a lead product manager at a fintech company and in the past co-founded another fitness start-up with Bogdan.

The product is currently in private beta for a selected group of trainers and the goal is to launch the public version this spring.

“We help trainers succeed by creating amazing content so our promise is to always have a free version of our product. The goal for this year is to become the go-to product for fitness trainers and a key player in the global fitness industry. We are extremely pleased to announce closing this first investment round led by Early Game Ventures, joined by Sparking Capital and Simple Capital to help us redefine how fitness content is produced, personalised and monetised. DLA Piper team provided legal assistance to the deal. This investment will help us build and extend our proprietary video AI technology, launch the product and acquire a critical mass of users.” added Bogdan.

Dan Calugareanu - partner at EGV said that "2021 will be a booming year for fitness applications. At EGV we saw a lot of applications from various startups, but now we also found huge differentiators to invest in: a super-professional team led by Bogdan Predusca and a new approach based on understanding and processing content video with the help of AI. How not to join the project?"

Hyperhuman is building an AI-powered platform that redefines how fitness content is produced, personalised and monetised. Using its proprietary video AI technology, the product extracts key insights and metadata from video workouts and turns them into reusable blocks of content. This creates unique opportunities for fitness trainers and businesses to provide highly personalised fitness content that adapts to users in real-time based on their goals, biometrics and training environment.

Early Game Ventures (EGV) is a venture capital firm funded mostly through the Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Sparking Capital is an early stage Venture Capital fund backing entrepreneurs with unique industry insights, powerful vision, passion, courage and excellence in the execution of their plans. ''We are happy to announce a new investment in a high potential founding team. Bogdan, David and Dan have an excellent mix of entrepreneurial and corporate experience combined with strong industry insights. We believe in their vision of shaping the emerging industry of real-time adaptive fitness video content based on understanding of the audience through machine learning, biometric data and user feedback and in their ability to execute flawlessly their plans'', said Vlad Panait, General Partner Sparking Capital.

Simple Capital is a private investment vehicle, founded in 2019 by Andrei Pitiș - tech entrepreneur, angel investor and advisor, with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry in Romania and the United States and with a track record of five successful international exits. Andrei Pitiș, Simple Capital founder and CEO: “I am happy to support, through Simple Capital and together with our partners, the Hyperhuman project and the team of experienced founders, whom I have already met on their professional and entrepreneurial path. I am very confident in the Hyperhuman chances of success on the international market and I am hyped to join Bogdan, Dan and David on their journey. ”