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Through this major platform expansion, the People Intelligence Platform Nestor aims to take one step further in advancing its vision: a world where each employee has the right opportunity at the right time in the workplace to continually develop and improve the skills that will help them succeed.

This internal marketplace represents a one-stop place where all growth opportunities, in all their forms — gigs, mentoring, learning, open roles, projects, and career journeys — are fully transparent, available, and easily accessible to all people. This way, employees can explore new career paths that align with their skills and aspirations, express interest in new roles, and be matched with the best-fit growth opportunities to unleash their limitless potential.

By bringing together employees’ existing skills and future goals with all development opportunities available through a Talent and Opportunities Marketplace, Nestor helps organizations overcome their mobility challenges and help create a more agile and responsive workforce.

“By integrating an internal Talent Marketplace with the other features of our platform, we aim to capitalize at the maximum on the existing skills of the employees, and seamlessly connect them with limitless opportunities to enhance their unique potential. In a nutshell, it’s about ensuring the right people with the right skills are in the right place to perform at their best. This process is hugely beneficial to the growth of employees and helps businesses remain competitive and flexible, which is more relevant than ever in today’s world of work.”, said Bogdan Apostol (CEO and co-founder).

In the face of the economic headwinds of the current period, organizations need to reevaluate their talent strategies to respond quickly to market shifts and changing business needs and be more cost-effective.

The prospect of an economic slowdown coupled with a very tight talent market and skills shortages requires new intelligent workforce planning models. To do so, Nestor equips HR leaders and managers with the tools they need to allow talent to migrate fluidly within the organization while finding and growing the right skill sets from within.

This internal talent and opportunities marketplace will also play an important role in reducing attrition and increasing employee engagement by encouraging vertical or lateral moves aligned with people’s aspirations and business objectives.

Nestor's talent marketplace is seamlessly integrated with its performance, engagement, and career development modules through a single connection point: skills. It also connects people's participation in various projects and development opportunities with operational goals. This way, Nestor enables a skills-based employee profile, dynamically enriched with new skills acquired in the process.

As the need to build future-fit skills and navigate the current economic headwind is increasing, a talent and opportunities marketplace will be a critical feature to unlock agility, strategic reallocation of resources, and limitless opportunities for growth. Nestor’s People Intelligence Platform helps shape effective talent strategies aligned with business priorities and pinpoints how to best support employee development in the flow of work.

Founded by Bogdan Apostol and Raluca Apostol, Nestor is the People Intelligence Platform that helps organizations unlock the Power of Skills to drive workforce agility, high performance, and continuous growth. Nestor connects performance management, employee engagement, and career development through a skills-based approach to help HR and business leaders make talent decisions aligned with the changing business needs.

Our technology uses predictive analytics and nudging automation to empower employees to take ownership of their careers, identify skills gaps, access growth opportunities, get involved in cross-functional initiatives and learn the skills that will help them succeed.

With a 98% adoption rate, Nestor is trusted by HR and people leaders in mid-to-large enterprises, including F500 companies, across the US, Latin America, and Europe.

Last year, Nestor closed a $2 million seed round from Eleven Ventures, Underline Ventures, and prominent angel investors from the San Francisco Bay Area, to grow its sales and customer success teams and to accelerate its expansion on the newly entered markets (especially US).