In order to support the expansion in Eastern Europe, Zitamine Nutrition aims to attract investments worth 350,000 Euros in this financing round, open to both angel investors and Venture Capital funds from Romania and the region.

Zitamine is the first tech-enabled personalized nutrition startup in Romania, inspired by a successful business model that has long proven its success in the USA and other markets across Western and Northern Europe. The company relies on scientific research and data analytics to provide each customer with a personalized vitamin and supplements plan, based on each user’s nutritional needs and preferences.

Together with a team of medical and pharmacy specialists, Zitamine has developed a questionnaire with 50 questions centered around lifestyle, habits, nutrition, allergies, personal goals. After completing the questionnaire, an algorithm analyzes each person's answers and instantly provides personalized recommendations for vitamins and natural supplements. Afterwards, the packages are delivered to customers' doorsteps in modern and safe packaging, containing the daily dose customized for each customer.

Emanuel Dincă, co-founder of Zitamine, emphasizes: "At Zitamine, we are committed to offering the best quality products for our customers. That's why we use an ultra-modern vitamin sorting and packaging equipment, produced by the world leader in the equipment industry for pharmacies and hospitals. This way, we can quickly process and package vitamins in exact amounts and combinations, ensuring that each customer receives the vitamin mix customized for their needs, using the best quality ingredients available."

Zitamine received an investment of 500,000 euros from the investor Bogdan Georgescu, and following the success recorded on the Romanian market, the founders plan to expand this year in Bulgaria and later on across the entire region.

Following an expansion of the new management team in October 2022, Zitamine has seen a significant +4.5x increase in subscribers receiving personalized vitamins. This growth shows that there is a clear traction in the Romanian market for personalized supplement services.

Zitamine is a startup launched by 3 Romanian co-founders: Alexandra Stroe (co-founder of Bookster), Iulia Ghiță (former CEO of Bookster) and Emanuel Dincă (expertise in data analysis and operations management at P&G and Unilever).

Zitamine is the first service in Romania that helps people create a vitamins and supplements plan tailored to their needs. The recommendation is based on an algorithm backed by science and developed by a team of doctors and pharmacists. They mix, pack, and ship the personalized supplements plans at home, every month, in a custom designed packaging solution. Shipping is free within Romania.