"Community Stars" thus completes the SeedBlink offer for start-ups and investors, which includes various financing categories, adapted to specific investment needs, but also initiatives such as the Tech Investors Academy, for the education and development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, or Nimity, the equity management solution for companies and their shareholders.

"Community Stars is on a mission to bring together promising founders with their communities, providing essential support in the early stages of company development," said Ionuț Pătrăhău, Managing Partner & Business Development at SeedBlink. "A startup founder not only needs capital, but also a strong network. We're here to provide the knowledge of financing and infrastructure needed, enabling them to build a community of supporters and develop their vision."

The “Community Stars” pilot project is the start-up Unison, which specialises in vegan snacks. In the future, the platform will host a variety of promising early-stage start-ups, fresh graduates of European accelerators.

SeedBlink currently offers three main types of investment rounds, each addressing specific needs of start-ups and investors:

  • VC-backed rounds: These are specifically designed for start-ups from seed to Series B. With a range of investments from €100,000 to €2,000,000, these are aimed at start-ups with demonstrable maturity and traction. Investors can enter these rounds with tickets starting at €2,500. All start-ups in this category are subject to a rigorous due-diligence process carried out by partner venture capital funds.
  • Syndications: This type of round is also aimed at seed start-ups, but with an investment range between €100,000 and €1,000,000. Like co-invested rounds, investors can participate with tickets starting at €2,500. However, the major difference is that the start-ups' maturity and traction check is performed directly by the SeedBlink team, ensuring a rigorous internal evaluation.
  • Community Stars: aimed at very early stage (pre-seed) start-ups. They target investments ranging from €50,000 to €300,000. The major advantage here is flexibility and accesibility, allowing investors to participate with investment vouchers from a much lower threshold of €500.

Through these three distinct funding streams, SeedBlink offers a wide range of options for investors and start-ups, facilitating the development and growth of the European technology ecosystem.

"From discussions with startups, there is a real need for alternative funding in every European country. We want to team up with local incubators and accelerators to support those entrepreneurs with solid business plans and innovative ideas. Also, this new type of opportunity is accessible with a lower investment ticket to better accommodate the supporters of founders", added Eric Bartha, Head of Investment Management.

SeedBlink has established itself as a key pillar in the evolution of the European start-up ecosystem. With an impressive track record of co-investing in over 100 technology start-ups in more than 15 countries, and backed by a network of 75,000 investors (business angels, VCs and strategic partners) in 92 countries, SeedBlink has been able to raise no less than €250 million to support technology innovation.