Recently, Spark School signed a partnership with Qubiz software experts, in order to facilitate digital transformation and create the best possible offering for students engaging in content from remote locations. The benefits of this partnership will allow for a seamless teaching and learning experience for all students attending Spark in the future.

The Spark School project is the biggest single investment that Qubiz is working on.

Spark School is a new schooling concept, created to respond to the challenges in traditional methods of teaching and learning. Its ‘Fit for Future Education’ hybrid model offers students the flexibility they need to choose and master their educational path. As such, Spark School integrates academic development, wellbeing, leadership, and global education, with university admissions and career guidance so students have a variety of opportunities to explore their future careers and lifestyles.

Qubiz is helping the school upgrade its digital learning experience and leverage opportunities that support remote and hybrid learning. While currently the school is using a collection of tools to deliver the mentioned functionalities, this partnership will enable Spark School to develop a single platform, fully customized to the needs of teachers and students across the Spark community.

Spark School is driven by the technology it uses, the ability to adapt to each student's needs, the ability to connect students, teachers, and parents, the eagerness to allow each student to develop their own ideas and take responsibility for their actions, and the freedom of choice in how and when students learn. The School uses both offline and virtual learning methods to create the most beneficial learning experience and is committed to supporting students in their growth and development, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Highlighting the power of collaboration and connectivity in redesigning education

“Education support is a priority for Qubiz, which aligns well with Spark School's ongoing efforts”, Marcel Anghel, CEO of Qubiz. For quite a few years now, we've been investing in the startups we truly believe in. And Spark is no exception here. In fact, this is the biggest investment in one partner so far and we’re excited to support them along the way”, he added.

“This partnership ensures that our educators and students have access not only to technology, but also to the much-needed training to support effective, efficient and accurate utilization of these teaching tools, to create engaging experiences for students. By amplifying technology's impact on students and educators, we inform, inspire and spearhead much needed transformation”, Ruxandra Mercea, Founder of Spark School.

Spark School has introduced several unique innovations to the sector:

(1) four stranded education models (academics, leadership, wellbeing and global education) that offer holistic development for every student.

(2) one-stop shop for all students’ learning and development needs (flexible, adapted to their lifestyle), built around young people and how their brains learn.

(3) nurturing partnerships with schools to create a global educational network that brings together students from all over the world. The School offers a tool to enable education leaders to think beyond ‘business-as-usual’, overcome the shortage of highly qualified teachers, complement/expand their curriculum and deliver it to students, regardless of their physical location.

(4) a powerful learning environment where teachers can share resources, cooperate and focus on delivering the subjects that they are passionate about.

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About Spark School

Spark School is a hybrid international High School, founded by global educators with experience of leading at independent schools around the world, offering the Cambridge International Curriculum. Spark School is shifting the face of high school education by allowing the young people in its community to pursue their own passions and preferences in where and how they learn.

About Qubiz

Since 2008, Qubiz has been providing software development and consulting services that help its clients build state-of-the-art IT products. By nurturing a people-first startup-like company culture, Qubiz is able to deliver the right software solutions for the businesses and people that trusted us to be their technology partner.