Among the main achievements of the professional entrepreneurial association’s first year of activity representing the fintech sector in Romania are:

  • The co-operation of RoFin.Tech as a founding member of the European Digital Finance Association (EDFA), a body representing the interests of 13 national associations in the sector of digitalisation and innovation in the financial field ( In May 2020, EDFA sent a letter to the European Commission proposing various measures to support and accelerate the digitization of the financial system in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Co-optation of two new members among the association: Plăți Online and Salarium;
  • Concluding partnerships to support RoFin.Tech's efforts with companies such as Raiffeisen Bank Romania, FintechOS, Deloitte, EY Law or Banca Transilvania;
  • Organizing and participating in various online and offline events with a focus on the fintech area, together with the communities of Bulgaria, Israel or the Republic of Moldova.

On the occasion of the general assembly, the new Board of Directors of RoFin.Tech was voted, consisting of a president and 4 board members with a term of office of 2 years:

- President of Council: Cosmin Cosma (Finqware)

- Members of the Board: Andrei Dudoiu (Seedblink); Ciprian Păltineanu (StockBerry); Cosmin Curticăpean (iFactor); Nic Bălăceanu (Lendrise)

In the next 2 years, the main objectives of are related to increasing the image and relevance of the association, both internally and externally, but also to transform the Romanian Fintech Association into a real consultative forum for the Romanian financial authorities in the process of development of the fintech ecosystem.

“I am glad that, a year later, the Romanian Fintech Association begins to play an active role in supporting entrepreneurship in the area of financial services, but also, more broadly, in the digitalization of the sector. After 2020, that was more challenging than any of us expected, is at a fresh start, ready to contribute both locally and continentally, to shaping a landscape as friendly as possible for anyone who wants to start or join a fintech start-up. Along with Andrei, Cosmin, Ciprian and Nic, I hope that, in 2023, we will look back and see an increasing number of members and partners who join the Association and who, together, make the region a pole of fintech development ", said Cosmin Cosma, the new President of the Association.

The Board of Directors of RoFin.Tech has started the selection procedure of an Executive Director of the Association, which will contribute to achieving the objectives set for the next period: expanding the number of members and partners of RoFin.Tech and building the image of RoFin.Tech as the main generator of information relevant information about the fintech market in Romania and the region.

The Romanian Fintech Association was founded in January 2020 and currently brings together 18 members representing start-ups and scale-ups in the financial technology industry (fintech). It has two well-founded objectives since its birth: connecting the association to national and European financial authorities that can impact the fintech industry, but also creating and facilitating as many development opportunities for members of the association.