The documentary will have its premiere at the end of 2023 and will be an X-ray of the road that innovative businesses went from the very beginning of the ecosystem until today. Also, team will try to see what’s next for Romanian startups. The movie will follow the road from the very first days of the ecosystem, first investments to the first entrepreneurs that became the trailblazers of courage in this area. It will be a story of Romanian startups and founders as they were, as they are and also as they will be, a documentary focused on putting Romania on the map of Global startups.

Shooting for the documentary started in March 2023 and will continue through the year. The production team will try to find the answer to the most important question: “What’s the next step?”.

In the following month filming will continue and will publish the first images from the documentary. If you want to find out more about it or support this initiative, you can discover more details on the project’s landing page.

2Performant joins the “Romanian Startups. Roaring Tigers of Europe” documentary

2Performant becomes from today a “Champion of the Ecosystem”, a partnership tier for the documentary reserved to those companies that innovate, transform and support the evolution of the Romanian ecosystem. Companies born in Romania, but that see their path on the international market.

2Performant is one of those success stories of the local tech environment. The company attracted successive funding rounds from angel investors, before becoming the first tech business listed on the AeRo Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Besides, 2Performant and Dorin Boerescu, CEO of the company, are one of the first that started the local ecosystem. In 2008, 2Performant was winning NetCamp 2008 and received an investment from SeedMoney. In 2010, Dorin Boerescu and Daniel Enache join as investors, the first becoming CEO and majority stakeholder.

During these years 2Performant grows and in 2014-2015 receives a syndicated EUR 450.000 funding round from business angels and Sergiu Neguț (now a co-founder for Fintech OS). Moreover, 2Performant was a finalist at the first edition of „Made in Romania by BVB” competition and in 2020 became the first tech business listed on the AeRo Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange. In 2021, 2Performant stocks are included in the BET-AeRo stock market index and in 2023 the enterprise gets maximum grade VEKTOR for their communication with the investors from ARIR.

"The Romanian tech ecosystem has reached the point where its story deserves to be told - I congratulate the team for the initiative", said Dorin Boerescu, CEO of 2Performant.

"UiPath showed us that Romania can produce unicorns and we already have hundreds of other innovative companies and dozens of exits to international players. We can do more, the potential we have is enormous. It is time for Romanian technical talents to take the step from outsourcing to creating innovative products. We have experience and capital, we just need a bigger dose of courage", said the entrepreneur.

"I hope that the Roaring Tigers of Europe project will be an impetus for a new generation of ambitious entrepreneurs - we are honored to support it and we hope that we will be joined by as many partners as possible to give the documentary the resources and visibility it deserves," Boerescu concluded.

The "Romanian Startups. Roaring Tigers of Europe" documentary is a, VideoCorp and InternetCorp production. A unique initiative in the Romanian cultural and media landscape that will tell the story of Romanian innovators. During the production, the documentary becomes a collective initiative to discover the beginnings, the present and the future of Romania.

Any feedback on the making of the documentary can be submitted on its presentation page, where it will also be published and premiered online at the end of 2023.