EAD brings to the Romanian market its own document management and workflow (DMS) application, called Read, Write & Share (RWS) available in SaaS form (Software as a Service), which can be adapted to the needs of each organization.

Regarding the opportunity to enter the Romanian market, Bruno Amaro, Country Manager of EAD Digital, explains: “Romanian entrepreneurs and especially the State are now looking very closely at digital transformation and remote services, in the context created by the pandemic. If the western countries have started this process for a few years and already see the benefits, Romania is at the beginning of the road and we consider that our experience of over 15 years in Portugal can be a valuable contribution. We focus mainly on the private sector, part of our local portfolio consists of companies in fields like finance, energy, pharma, and real estate, but also on the public sector where we have solid expertise in simplifying bureaucratic processes”.

Bruno Amaro adds: “According to market studies, there is a direct correlation between the number of a country's population and the volume of existing documents (archive boxes). Romania has around 20 million archive boxes (29 billion pages) of which it is estimated that 10% will be scanned (2.9 billion) and managed electronically. As for the attractiveness of the market, the figures speak for themselves”.

In Romania, EAD Digital offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, for scanning and optimizing document-based processes (digital workflows), but also virtual mail-room and cloud storage solutions.

"This type of services is essential in continuing the process of business as usual, when companies have had to adapt on the fly to working from home and to comply with the rules of social distancing. Restrictions around the world have affected all industries, especially in terms of paperwork and physical presence at the office. By scanning the most important documents from company archives, creating cloud databases and inserting new documents into a digitized workflow, employees in all departments (finance, accounting, legal, HR, sales, etc.) will no longer have to be physically present in the office, but they will be able to access the documents with a few clicks ", says Bruno Amaro.

The portfolio of EAD Group includes over 500 top international companies, such as Vodafone, Nestlé, Renault, BBVA, Janssen, Johnson’s, Abbott, Generali, Otis, Oracle, BNP, Cepsa.

"The growing demand of multinational companies to integrate the processes we have implemented in Portugal and in other countries where they are present has been the main engine for our expansion, but not the only one. We want to help Romanian organizations and companies to streamline their business. The vast experience of EAD and the growing need for qualified know-how on the Romanian market make this branch a motivating challenge in the document management sector”, says Bruno Amaro.

The solutions offered by EAD Digital for Romanian companies are very vast, the best examples being the solutions related to scanning/indexing documents, automating the processes for generating the necessary certificates for pension files or extracting data from financial documents or any other nature.

According to EAD estimates, the demand for digital transformation on the Romanian market has increased in the last 3 years, during which less than 500 million pages were scanned out of a potential of almost 3 billion.

Founded in 1993, the company is present in Portugal, the Azores, Madeira, and Romania, it has over 250 employees and a turnover exceeding 11 million euros. EAD offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for scanning and optimizing document-based processes (digital workflows), as well as virtual mail-room solutions, as well as cloud storage.