The investment for Romania will finance the acquisition and development plans of 500 MW of renewable energy projects by the end of 2025. Restart Energy’s plan is to acquire and develop 100 MW of solar, wind, biogas, biomass, and geothermal energy projects per year.

Restart Energy’s projects will seek annual investments of approximately $100 million. Interlink will act as a strategic advisor to arrange funding for these projects.

The two companies decided to further strengthen their relationship by becoming partners for expanding the Restart Energy business into the American market - by launching together in USA the Restart Energy Democracy (RED) platform - an online energy trading platform based on blockchain technology that allows peer to peer transfers between energy producers and final consumers, launch of a fully digital energy business franchise and carbon credits system for renewable energy production and consumption.

The RED Platform was launched in 2019, initially in Romania Restart Energy's home market where it has the highest customer base of approximately 30,000 household customers and 5,000 corporate customers.

First fully sustainable green energy supplier in Romania

“This partnership will provide access to US capital and accelerate Restart Energy’s goal of providing 1 Bil. KWh of clean and affordable renewable energy for 300,000 consumers in Romania and Europe by 2025. This will allow Restart Energy to help reduce the carbon footprint with 750 MN Kg CO2 per year and in the same time to become the first fully sustainable energy supplier in Romania delivering 100% locally produced green energy to its customers until 2025. At the same time, it will allow Restart Energy to enter the US market with its innovative blockchain platform, where we will have access to a mature and technology-oriented market”, says Armand Domuţa, CEO and founder of Restart Energy.

The RED blockchain technology - a new approach to US renewable energy market

"Restart Energy is an innovative company at the forefront of combining renewable energy supply and marketing through technology, vision and purpose, making renewable energy more available and accessible to all. What attracted us to this partnership is not only RED - a proven platform based on blockchain technology - but the entrepreneurs and their purpose-driven vision of improving access and proliferation of renewable energy, which is compatible with Interlink’s mission. The RED business model will bring to the USA a new, and improved approach to how renewable energy is financed, produced, and consumed which we believe will improve access to renewable energy, and ultimately benefit our climate. In parallel, the investment in the Restart Energy’s plans in Europe will allow us to develop additional renewable energy assets, especially since Restart is already active in Romanian and Serbian markets with intention to expand this year in Germany and Spain”, states Alan Beard, Interlink’s Managing Director.

This partnership will be operated through Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG (REIT AG), a Swiss-based holding company and ecosystem of innovation that funds, researches, and develops energy-tech ventures part of Restart Energy group of companies.

Restart Energy is an independent electricity and natural gas supplier for homes and companies, with 100% Romanian capital, established in 2015 in Timisoara. Restart Energy has over 30,000 household customers and approximately 5,000 corporate customers. The company is present in the Romanian and Serbian markets and, starting with 2021, intends to develop in several European markets, including Germany and Spain.

Interlink Capital Strategies, established in 1994, is a women-owned, Washington, DC-based fund manager, management consulting and financial advisory firm specializing in emerging and frontier market finance, renewable energy and business development. The fund is expert in financial inclusion, risk mitigation, and developing business opportunities and/or financing them with government lending/investing programs worldwide.