Growceanu is mainly aimed at investors with a budget of €40,000-250,000 over 2-3 years who want to build a portfolio of at least 8-10 start-ups.

"We are constantly looking for future fellow investors – successful entrepreneurs or corporate managers who want to diversify their investment portfolio towards this highly dynamic asset class (early stage start-ups) and who can offer, in addition to financial backing, their business experience, network and personal time to support future moonicorns", says Ciprian Man, Growceanu Co-Founder.

Once they join the Growceanu community, investors receive support from A to Z (processes, tools, information) that allows them to learn what it means to be a business angel. The exercise is very much hands-on: building a portfolio of carefully selected startups which receive investment from new and experienced members.

On the other hand, start-up founders receive quick and constructive feedback from evaluators, followed, in happy cases, by smart money from successful investors, entrepreneurs or corporate managers.

In 2023, Growceanu aims to develop the business angels platform based on the current business model, but also to expand its presence in new markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, the target for the end of the year is to double the investments made compared to the previous year.

In the context of concrete, well-funded plans from the Regional Development Agency but also from the government sector, Growceanu's founding members expect many more opportunities to start arising this year as a natural next step in the development of Romania’s startup ecosystem – a time of increasing levels of innovation and collaboration.