Sessions is the one-stop solution for all your business needs when it comes to customer-facing sessions, including webinars, demos, workshops, or training. Moreover, the platform provides a unified workspace for your team, streamlining the process of creating sessions, sharing templates and resources, and accessing recaps and session assets. This not only saves setup time but also promotes team-wide consistency and collaboration.

As the use of webinars and workshops grows rapidly, businesses are constantly seeking innovative tools to make their sessions more engaging and productive. Sessions' AI Copilot tackles this challenge head-on by offering AI-assisted agenda building, automated transcripts, smart summaries, in-session polls, and icebreakers to keep everyone focused on the outcome.

"Webinars and online workshops have become essential for our customer-facing interactions, and yet many still struggle to create truly engaging experiences," says Radu Negulescu, founder and CEO of Sessions. "With the introduction of our AI-powered Copilot, we're revolutionizing how businesses organize customer-facing sessions. Our new release takes the core value of Sessions - delivering immersive and interactive experiences - and elevates it to new heights. By automating tedious tasks and boosting real-time engagement, we empower our users to focus on what truly matters: delivering outstanding content and building meaningful connections."

Founded in 2020 by Radu Negulescu, Sessions was created to meet the growing demand for efficient and engaging remote and hybrid work environments. The platform has since become an invaluable tool for marketers, sales professionals, and customer success teams, enabling them to conduct sessions like product demos, customer onboarding easily, and thought leadership webinars.

With the addition of the AI Copilot, Sessions continues to innovate and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving video conferencing landscape. For more information about Sessions and its new AI-powered Copilot, please visit

Sessions is an all-in-one platform designed to streamline customer-facing sessions, offering immersive and interactive experiences for webinars, workshops, and demos. Founded in 2020 by Radu Negulescu, an experienced entrepreneur, Sessions has quickly gained recognition as a remote and hybrid work environment leader. The platform now serves over 4,000 companies worldwide, providing them with the tools and support they need to create truly memorable and engaging sessions.